We recognise our responsibility to help strengthen the communities in which we live and work.

Consequently, we encourage our employees to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all individuals.

Henna believes that Volunteering and volunteers are a valuable and integral part of society and their work needs to be recognised just as much if not more than people who are paid for their work. Everyone has the right to volunteer without experiencing any form of discrimination or prejudice.

Henna believes that appropriate training, supervision and development opportunities must be provided to volunteers to enhance and make the most of their knowledge and skills. This will allow them to give and get the best they can from their role as volunteer.

Volunteers and Recruitment
Potential volunteers can approach our staff to discuss the options we have for voluntary work at Henna. A standard interview and audit form will be used to identify the applicant’s skills and experiences and gauge how best they might be utilised by Henna in meeting our goals and objectives.

Two references will be required from all applicants.

A decision will be made by Henna following the return and consideration of both references.

Henna has the right to decline any volunteer’s application and the volunteer has the right to know why they were not accepted.

If a volunteer is accepted, they are required to sign a volunteer agreement that states the terms and conditions of being a volunteer.

We require 6 months minimum time for volunteering with us.

Volunteer Expenses
Volunteers are entitled to reimbursement of local travel expenses incurred during their voluntary work with Henna and they will be provided with lunch during a full day of volunteering.

The first point of contact for any grievances/complaints by volunteers is Henna’s Operations Manager. They will follow up on any complaint within 24 hours.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Volunteers are encouraged to be actively involved in the formation and changes in Henna’s policies and procedures and will be asked for their opinions and feedback by means of a questionnaire from time to time.

When volunteers decide to end their voluntary work with Henna, we encourage them to have an informal meeting with Henna staff to give any feedback, positive and/or negative, regarding their voluntary work.