Monday Club

Monday Club

Monday Club – also known as ‘Chai with Henna’ – continues to run every Monday giving our members a safe place to socialise and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. It provides a space for women to meet up and enjoy each other’s company.

Chai with Henna brings members together and allows them to tell their stories, voice their feelings and share different cuisines around the table. It is a perfect opportunity for members to make friends and encourages team building. It also breaks down cultural barriers and creates community cohesion.

Chai with Henna provides our members with an ideal opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and experiences, it is also a chance to ask questions, learn and engage in a safe space.

Chai with Henna has developed and supported members into taking full ownership of the service. This is achieved through the weekly rotation of different cuisines.

Chai with Henna has always been the main hub to encourage conversation about lifestyle choices, local service provisions and opportunities, health and well-being among many more subjects and topics.

“Monday Club is where all the action takes place, even if I can’t come to every service. 

I always make sure Monday is free for my day out to the centre.”

~~ Henna member