Henna Forum

Henna Forum

Henna Forum is made up of a group of members who come together on a regular basis and reach out to the wider membership. 

They represent the voice of Henna service users. It is a platform that allows us to listen to concerns, consider suggestions and value their input and ideas. It is so important in the development of our services and groups and us as an organisation.

Henna’s Forum gives all members a chance to meet and discuss the needs of the community. The forum helps Henna to plan and decide on what we offer, what we prioritise, what we should look to fundraise and budget for.

Our work promotes community cohesion and integrates all communities. Henna Forum encourages beneficiaries to become more united, develop closer bonds and participate and be involved in civil society and services.
Henna’s Forum provides information that enables us to outreach and research the specific needs of beneficiaries and those in the broader community. Through these forums, we have been able to recognise the barriers that our service users encounter and have worked to support them in overcoming them as well as voicing the obstacles and challenges to decision-makers.

We have established referral pathways with key agencies and partners in the community, reaching out to those who are in need.