Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Henna’s Arts and Crafts include a range of activities such as tile mosaic, recycle art, knitting, female accessories crochet, jewellery making, creative writing, fabric painting, cake design, flower arrangement, hair & beauty, sewing and of course art itself! 

Members often bring their own expertise to sessions run by our tutors always willing to support and guide those new to arts and crafts. 

We have collaborated with many partners including Mary Ward Centre, British Museum, Kiln Theatre, IKWRO, Working Men’s College.

We have been able to display our member’s work in exhibitions at the British Museum. Our users have been given further opportunities to enhance their learning through additional training and private sessions.

Art & Crafts can have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing and creative fulfilment of those involved. Members have informed us that it has helped them to manage anxiety and remain calm in challenging situations. 

Studies have shown that arts and crafts help towards lowering heart rates and
blood pressure. It also keeps fingers and hands flexible and nimble. Some Henna members have reported that crocheting helped them with their maths skills as it is based around counting, multiplying, measuring and patterning.

“I have learnt so many new skills in Art & Craft sessions, I never knew I was capable to finish off the programme, but I did it and surprised myself, it helps the brain towards a meditative state and allows the mind to pause, refocus and soothe worries” 

.~~ Henna member.